Viasat – Medieval Murder Mysteries

Commercial, 2015

Studio Hansa

Director: Nick Scott


Feature, 2017

Intense Productions

Director: Chee Keong Cheung

How to be Human

Short Film, 2017

Independent Era

Director: Bruno Centofanti


Short Film, 2014

The Springhead Film Company

Director: James Webber

Low Island / Holding it Down

Music Video, 2017

Zoya Films

Director: Roland Walters

CBS – Paint

Commercial, 2012

Studio Hansa

Director: Nick Scott
CBS Paint

The Prey

Short Film, 2015

The Springhead Film Company

Director: James Webber

Jacob’s Story

Interactive Web Series Episode, 2015


Director: Shaun James Grant

Pleasure Beach

Short Film, 2013

Eavesdrop Films

Director: Paul Bassingthwaighte

Nightmare Box

Feature, 2013

Highland Myst

Director: Jon Keeyes


Short Film, 2015

Kat Life Films / Up + Up Productions

Director: Jake Graf

Bad Day at the Office

Short Film, 2013

Studio Hansa

Director: Nick Scott

The Seventeenth Kind

Short Film, 2014

Loose Canon Films

Director: Andy Collier


Short Film, 2017

Up&Up Productions

Director: Jake Graf

Mickey Lightfoot / Anxious

Music Video, 2016

Tucker + Goose

Director: Shaun James Grant

The Sealed Knot

Web Commercial, 2016

Zoya Films

Director: Roland Walters

Latest News

Sweeping up…
Posted on May 15, 2017

I’ve undertaken the biggest clean of the website since its inception. I’ve taken off more than half of the projects so that I only feature the very best work. There will also be a new reel this week.

I have a couple of really exciting features coming up – I’m sure you can figure out what they are from my IMDB Page.

Redcon-1, and more…
Posted on December 15, 2016

Oh dear, more than a year since my last post. Things have been incredible in 2016. Several months were spent shooting the action/zombie epic Redcon-1, which you can see a still from on my website. Expect a trailer in early 2017, in the meantime here’s our clapperboard on the final slate:




Two more features lined up for the first half of 2017, and kicking off in style with the short film “Okay, Mum”.

Have a Merry Christmas!


Posted on May 9, 2015

Check out these three trailers which recently went live. They are for short films The Prey and Tea for Two, as well as Jacob’s Story, which is part of interactive web series Trylife. I shot these pieces between November 2014 and February 2015.

Posted on March 12, 2015

I’ve had a packed February, shooting interactive webisode TryLife 3 for Shaun James Grant, and short films Plaza for SawWave Films and The Prey for The Springhead Film Company. I then went straight into grading Tea for Two, which I shot last year. You can check out some stills on the top row of my work section.

LSFF, Staff Picks and more…
Posted on January 19, 2015

Hello 2015!

This year I have four shorts in BAFTA-qualifying short film festivals. Soror and Weird Love have just played at LSFF and Bad Day at the Office and Do You Know This Girl are in Aesthetica.

Bad Day at the Office is also now available online to view, and picked up staff picks on Vimeo this week.

I have two exciting shorts up in February, including one with James Webber, who I worked with on Soror. But before that, I’m with Shaun James Grant for ten days working on an interactive web drama. More on that soon..





The Seventeenth Kind and Soror
Posted on June 20, 2014

This January I worked on two lovely shorts.

Loose Canon Films’ The Seventeenth Kind is directed by Andy Collier and based on a short story by science fiction author Michael Marshall Smith. The unbelievable cast includes Tony Curran, Sylvester McCoy, Brian Blessed, Ralph Brown, Miriam Margolyes and Lucy Pinder. We shot over two weeks on Panavision anamorphic and I had to design a 34 5DmIII bullet time rig to get three specific frozen time shots. Check out the first review of The Seventeenth Kind here.

The day after wrapping The Seventeenth Kind I started shooting Soror, directed by James Webber and starring Kate Dickie, Sian Breckin, Rosie Day and James Alexandrou. We shot the film with a poetic sensibility, using a handheld camera and slow motion shots together with conceptual studio sequences and flashbacks. Soror will hit the festival circuit in a few months, and a trailer will be out very soon.

Shongram and more
Posted on August 11, 2013

This summer has been exciting for two of the features I’ve worked on. Nightmare Box has been completed and is now off to festivals, and we just shot the UK bookend scenes for Shongram, which I shot in Bangladesh last year. Anupam Kher and Asia Argento starred in the UK work and it was an absolute pleasure working with them. The film will hit theatres in Bangladesh in December with the european market to follow.

Two of the shorts I shot this year, Pleasure Beach and Bad Day at the Office, are both nearly out of post and into festivals. Do You Know This Girl is due to go into grading soon.

Since my last post I’ve added two music videos I shot this year, the stark black and white Luca Lozano / Sail On and the fast food throwing galore that is Mike Hughes / Mouths to Feed.

Various Updates
Posted on May 15, 2013

Last week I attended the Reed Short Film Awards Ceremony at BAFTA to support our shortlisted short ‘Achiever’, directed by Alex Hinx. We didn’t win, but we’re nevertheless proud of our little film. Alex and I have since worked on Luca Lozano’s ‘Sail On’ promo, co-directed by Lois Hinx.

I have recently updated the website with teasers for the shorts ‘Pleasure Beach’ and ‘Bad Day at the Office’.

Last month I had the honour of working with veteran animal photographer Tim Flach on the moving image side of a print-led promotional campaign for Barclays, which I can’t show you anything from yet, but it’ll go up next month in the tube and on digital billboards.

I’ve just come off the first two days of an exciting new documentary with Eavesdrop Films.

Lastly, my latest blog post is a long-winded love letter to camera-to-subject distance, and it can be read here.

Reed, Rules and more…
Posted on April 2, 2013

Welcome to a mish-mash of updates.

Firstly, I’m proud to announce that Achiever, which I shot for Alex Hinx, has been shortlisted for the Reed 2013 Short Film Competition, meaning we were selected as one of the top 12 out of 540 entries. This is the second year in a row Alex and I have got into the Reed Shortlist – last year we got there with Gafferand both years we have been lucky enough to have OnSight take care of our kit requirements.

Please watch and vote for Achiever here.

I’m shooting a music video for the very same Alex Hinx this weekend in black and white. Looking forward to running around with a tiny crew spontaneously grabbing stuff. I’m also in prep for The Seventeenth Kind, a sci-fi shooting in June with Loose Canon Films.

I’ve also just updated my very feeble blog with an article called ‘Look under the rule’. Give it a read here.

A Bad Day at the Office
Posted on March 5, 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting Nick Scott‘s short film ‘A Bad Day at the Office’. This one has been stewing for a while and it was great to finally get to make it. Here are some non-spoiler bts shots:


baddaybts1 baddaybts2 baddaybts3 baddaybts4


A shout out to Feral and Lightning Media for the kit hire, and to my excellent crew consisting of Joshua Richards, Max Macgachan and Natasha Mullan on camera, David Beaumont gaffing and Anton Novoselov and Daniel Anthony sparking.

Pleasure Beach / Estelle
Posted on January 28, 2013

Last week was intense. On Monday I shot Ambition (See last post) and then headed off to the bitterly cold Isle of Sheppey to lens Paul Bassingthwaighte’s ‘Pleasure Beach’, the story of two boys trying to find love in a rundown seaside town. You can find ungraded stills from the film in the main section of the website.

Apart from the inevitable freezing cold, we were incredibly lucky in catching a hole in the rain and snow that has characterised much of this January. A shout out to my incredible crew – Jon Pugh pulling, James Leckey loading, Karl Poyzer DITing, Ben Millar gaffing and Matt Mead sparking.

On Sunday we headed back to London and managed to squeeze in a nine page teaser shoot for Eavesdrop Films‘ feature in development, Estelle. Again, stills are up on this website.

Ambition / Off to Sheppey
Posted on January 22, 2013

Had great fun shooting “Ambition” yesterday with Alex Hinx, starring Ali Jawad. Here’s a still I pulled from Redcine-x and bumped the contrast slightly:


This was a last minute project with next to no money so we were really lucky to get help from Onsight in putting the package together. A special shout out to grip Aaron Porter who megabussed it down from Manchester at the last second to put the gear to work and get this very ambitious shot. We also had Karl Poyzer and Lydia Stott on camera.

Here’s a picture of the crew practising:

Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 13.31.55

I’m off to the Isle of Sheppey tomorrow to shoot Paul Bassingthwaighte’s “Pleasure Beach” with Eavesdrop Films.

New Website
Posted on January 6, 2013

Welcome to the new website. Thanks to Ian Archambeau at for working so hard over the christmas break to make it happen. Now you’ll be able to access plenty more content and keep up to date with my work. Any comments on the new site are welcome – just send them to